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As I Face my Plate: a Shehechayanu for an Eating Disorder

"Grant me the strength to sustain my life, / As you commanded..."

Rabbi Sandra Lawson and Other Black Jewish Leaders Respond to Kanye West

Kanye is saying some of the worst antisemitic things that are even hard for people who have right-leaning politics to swallow. None of this is really surprising if you go back through Kanye’s problematic comments, or his relationship with Donald Trump and Candace Owens. It looks to me like he’s having a breakdown. I don’t think it’s just mental illness —

We Can Dance

"We can’t always be brave, but we can dance."

A Psalm for When I Yearn to Know: Am I Worthy?

"Who will find me worthy, if not You?"

First Person: The Stigma of Suicide and the Redemption of Speech

After more than half a century of struggle with mental illness, mired in despair, my father died by suicide.  

Evolving Roles of Rabbis in History and Today

The first ordained rabbi in America did not arrive until 1840, almost 200 years after the first Jewish arrivals in 1654.

Statement on Today’s Horrific Attacks on Israel

Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association are horrified by today’s massive attack on Israel by Hamas. We condemn the attacks unequivocally and join in solidarity with the people of Israel on this harrowing and difficult day.

Disability and Accessibility

The resources are curated to support your community’s commitments to disability justice, which will help you enable full participation in your spaces for all people.

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