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Cyd Weissman

Vice President for Innovation and Impact, Reconstructing Judaism

Cyd Weissman links inquiry, experimentation, and successes to help communities create Jewish learning that lives. She has joined Reconstructing Judaism and the faculty of RRC, and is excited to ignite new approaches that arise at the intersection of theory and practice. She serves as Vice President for Innovation and Impact; Director, The Reconstructionist Learning Network; and Professor of Jewish Education and Entrepeneurship.

Formerly, Weissman served as the director of Innovation in Congregational Learning for The Jewish Education Project, where she led the creation of The Coalition of Innovating Congregations. For a decade, she taught at Hebrew Union College in NYC. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Gratz College and Penn State University.

Principles for a Full Year of Love and Caring

The calendar says the school year should end. However, many Jewish educators, witnessing the effects of the pandemic on their students, and now civic unrest, are challenging the calendar’s norms. Instead of closing down the year, they are asking, “How might we continue to engage our students through the summer?”


Guarding and Growing Trust in the Time of Corona

Crystal clear to me, now, is that all the coffees, the story sharing and listening, and the showing up, has resulted in the cultivation of a most rare commodity in our society. Trust. 


Collaboration Across Difference: An Innovation Power Tool

This article was originally published in eJewish Philanthropy on Nov. 25, 2019.


Need to Take a Breath at Work?

More and faster describes my usual work habit. I’ve operated this way for decades. But daily, I’m learning to take a breath so my work is not solely about tasks; it is infused with soul.


Champagne and Aspirin For Strengthening Jewish Community

Reflections on lessons learned in a network of network weavers


Rabbis as Entrepreneurs? It's Not About the Money

We train rabbis to be social entrepreneurs: applying a business-like discipline to creating solutions to social justice, cultural and environmental issues.


Entrepreneurial True Grit

Is grit the key to success for social entrepreneurs? Ariana Katz suggests that the answer lies elsewhere. 


Wine, Not Whine, Your Way to Millennial Engagement

Ross Berkowitz discusses designing Jewish engagement experiences for Millennials.


Ultra-Busy Leader Stops to Gain Perspective

How do startup leaders break through the barrage of urgent tasks to reflect and plan? We speak with Avi Deutsch, co-founder and CEO of LAVAN, to learn his secrets.


How to Avoid Startup Crash and Burn

Cyd Weissman interviews Avi Rubel, a successful social entrepreneur, about taking risks when launching a new venture. 


Innovation 101: Have 100 Coffees

Cyd Weissman reports back from the leading edge of Jewish innovation.


Incubator Session 1: Moving Bold Ideas Into Action

Summary of Session 1 of Reconstructionist Incubator Learning Network, Spring 2017


How Might We Learn Sustainability from "Hot Dudes Reading?"

Cyd Weissman interviews the founder of Hot Dudes Reading to glean lessons on marketing, sustainability, and collaboration.


Hevrutahpreneurship: Partnering for Learning and Leading

Cyd Weissman interviews a couple who are are successfully leading a startup guided by the Jewish principle of hevrutah, Aramaic for friendship or companionship.


No Success Without Learning To Fail

“Fail Forward” is the mantra of entrepreneurs. Take risks. You will fail, guaranteed. Learn from it. Once a little smarter, boldly launch again. Entrepreneurs believe, as Robert Kennedy did, “to achieve greatness, you have to fail greatly.”