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Rabbi Howard Cohen

It Reached No Further

This week, we listen in as Moshe continues his farewell address to the Israelites. His focus shifts to what the people must remember and honor

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Silence as Protest

Silence in the world of verbal communication can be as complicated to interpret and as deliberate as any word choice. We are often as careful

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Tzara’at and Selfishness

Parshat Metzora deals with a peculiar condition called tzara’at that afflicts skin, surfaces of walls and clothing. This condition has long been erroneously translated into

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On Shabbat HaGadol

The Shabbat before Pesach is known as Shabbat HaGadol: The Great Shabbat. The special nature of the day is highlighted with a haftarah selected from

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Symbolism of Rainbows

In this week’s parasha our attention is focused on Noah and his family’s experience in the ark. The flood has subsided and the doors of

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Covenant as Marriage

Shabbat Bemidbar usually falls near Shavuot: the day designated as the anniversary of the revelation of Torah at Mt. Sinai. According to a midrash Shavuot

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