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Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, CLAL

Rabbi Sid Schwarz is a 1980 graduate of RRC. He is a senior fellow at Clal: The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and also the director of the Rene Cassin Fellowship Program, an international human rights program for Jewish young adults with hubs in New York, London and Jerusalem. He received a Covenant Award for his pioneering work in the field of Jewish education. His most recent book is Jewish Megatrends: Charting the Course of the American Jewish Community.

What's God Have to Do With It?

How do we address life's tough questions from the Reconstructionst framework of a non-supernatural God? 


Building the Jewish Future

Rabbi Sid Schwarz describes a lifetime of building new Jewish organizations that meet the Jewish community’s ever-changing needs. 


Limiting Debate on Israel Will Only Hurt Us

During a time of communal controvery over Israel conversations, Rabbi Sid Schwarz issues a clarion call for open debate and free expression.