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Reset: Building Resilience Through Spiritual Practice and Growth

When we renew our spirits, we renew our commitment to fighting for liberation and justice.

Reset 2020 offers Jewish activists a chance to replenish their spirits and engage with spiritually rich, accessible online content suited for people across Jewish tradition and backgrounds.

What We Offer

We provide multi-session online workshops to develop spiritual knowledge in a collective learning environment, and learn how to bring this knowledge into our lives and communities. 

This year’s offerings include:

  • Jewish Movement Ecology taught by Yoshi Silverstein, founder of the Mitsui Collective
  • American Jews and Social Justice taught by Professor Reena Friedman

We also provide a spiritual resource library available to a wide audience of organizers, activists, and all those seeking spiritual replenishment.

Our resources include:

  • Guided meditations by Rabbi Alex Weissman, Rabbi Sheila Weinberg, and more
  • Embodied movement practices by Yoshi Silverstein and Julie Emden
  • Traditional chants and songs from Rabbi Vivie Mayer and Koach Baruch Frazier

Learn More

In partnership with Ritualwell, information about our online workshops can be found here

Our spiritual resource library is coming soon!


shosh lovett-graff
Project Director Shosh Lovett-Graff is an activist, writer, and leader working at the intersection of spirituality and technology. She has worked with Reconstructing Judaism for the past three years, managing online learning programs and building virtual connections across geography. She is a 2020-2021 Wallis Annenberg Helix Fellow, and currently works with Never Again Action as a national digital coach.



Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and Reconstructing Judaism are leaders in transforming Jewish life and sharing a progressive vision to work toward a just and more sustainable world. We bring multidisciplinary tools to build healthy and healing Jewish communities to campuses, homes, neighborhoods and synagogues; we live our values through political and community organizing; and we offer responses to personal and communal crises. Through Reset, we gather Jewish wisdom of resilience and find creative ways to bring our traditions forward into today’s complex world.

Thank you to Rise Up and the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah for their generous support of Reset.