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Congregational Resources

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This report, issued in 1994, was the work product of JRF's Task Force on Inclusion for People with Disabilities.

List of resources on community building for congregations.

Congregational Resources

Describes the programs and resources for children provided by affiliation with Reconstructing Judaism.

Congregational Resources

Spells out the programs and services available to affiliated Reconstructionist congregations through affiliation

Congregational Resources

A listing of the published resources provided by the Reconstructionist movement. 

Congregational Resources

RRC produces rabbis who can meet the needs of congregants, introduce new ideas and new thinking—and help attract new members. Learn more about their skills and training.

Congregational Resources

You—or someone you know—may benefit from the presence of RRC students and graduates in a wide variety of settings. RRC students and graduates follow unique paths, using all of their talents, passions and strengths. The warm, egalitarian and intellectually rigorous culture of the College empowers them to build similarly inviting communities wherever they go.

Congregational Resources

Rabbi Sid Schwartz describes a lifetime of building new Jewish organizations that meet the Jewish community's ever-changing needs. 

“Fail Forward” is the mantra of entrepreneurs. Take risks. You will fail, guaranteed. Learn from it. Once a little smarter, boldly launch again. Entrepreneurs believe, as Robert Kennedy did, “to achieve greatness, you have to fail greatly.”

With our day-to-day lives cluttered with appointments and never-ending “To Do” lists, this network will explore ways that congregations can cut through message overload and reach into the wider community in meaningful ways.

Executive directors are faced with new management, leadership and governance challenges. Explore your questions and solutions about congregational programming, finances, communications and volunteer engagement with colleagues from Reconstructionist congregations who are navigating similar challenges. We will work with you to set an agenda that is meaningful and relevant to your work.

This three-part family education series addresses issues related to bar/bat mitzvah. It is designed for a large group of parents and students and uses active learning exercises. It covers issues around Jewish identity, the meaning of bar/bat mitzvah, and common concerns that parents and students have about the process.

In this webinar, we discuss “newsworthy” stories and how you can actively pitch an interesting story about your congregation to the media.

Frequently asked questions about the structure, goals, and workings of the Plenum of the Reconstructionist movement

Established through the generosity of anonymous donors to promote fresh, energizing initiatives, the Aviv Revolving Loan Fund supports growth and vitality in the Reconstructionist movement.

The plenum of the Reconstructionist movement is group of representatives from each affiliated congregation and havurah who discuss and share the issues of the day, both internal movement discussions and thoughts on the movement’s relationship to the world. 

This membership form lets congregations and havurot apply for membership in the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement.

Small version of welcoming poster for synagogues

Large version of welcoming poster for synagogues

We have created a poster that congregations can use to send a clear message of inclusion and welcome.

The 2017-18 Affiliation Benefits Package for congregations

Congregational Resources

This article is adapted from a talk at the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation Tikkun Olam Kallah, March 2003.

In this classic article, Rabbi Julie Greenberg explores successful mixed-age classrooms in Jewish schools. 

Archives of email newsletters (Reconstructionism Today, Journeys, and Leadership Brief)

Monthly, single-page Jewish text handouts intended for short, 10-minute Reconstructionist Torah study at the beginning of board meetings.

Important announcements from the Reconstructionist movement for Fall 2017

Congregational Resources

In our first session with author Abigail Pogrebin, we began with a question: How can we make the holidays 'urgent' in today's busy world. We shared observations about the Judaism practiced by our Hebrew schools, families, and synagogue communities.

In our second session with author Abigail Pogrebin, we talked about "embracing the other" in our holiday celebrations and reinterpreting the Hannukah story to embrace this idea.

In our followup to the 2016-17 Innovators Incubator, our new Rev Your Engines session focused on the development of a close-knit, supportive network of participants facing similar challenges in their start-up endeavors. From teen focused programming to a havurot for baby boomers, we looked into the support and development resources available to these community leaders.

In our third session with author Abigail Pogrebin, we talked about taking an "Elijah moment" at our Passover celebrations: enacting change in the world in an effective and fulfilling way.

In our second session of Reconstructing for Tomorrow, we were led in a discussion about the spiritual and tangible ways we can integrate ecological values into our Jewish lives.

Our third Reconstructing for Tomorrow conversation with Rabbi Deborah Waxman focused on unpacking the ideological and practical differences between the Reconstructionist and Reform movements.

Though we count time Jewishly, by any consideration the secular year 2018 is an exciting year for the Reconstructionist movement.

Why should your community affiliate with Reconstructing Judaism? This page lists the benefits of membership. 

Congregational Resources

The Aviv Revolving Loan Fund is one way that Reconstructing Judaism is marshaling its resources to strengthen affiliated communities and foster innovation.

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