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A musical setting from the closing verses of Psalm 27


Sheet music for a new setting of the traditional Friday night Lecha Dodi prayer.

Music, Shabbat, Ritual and Liturgy
Esther (Entire book)

This song, based on the Book of Esther, praises Vashti and Esther for their challenges to the king.

Purim, Music

The TEL (Teens: Experience and Learning) post-b’nai mitzvah program focuses on the values of spiritual peoplehood that form the cornerstones of Reconstructionist Jewish education. Each curriculum focuses on a different value. Hiddur Mitzvah is a Hebrew expression meaning "beautification of a mitzvah," which we here interpret as creativity in its broadest sense. 

Melody for the penultimate prayer in the Passover Haggadah. Linked Hebrew text, transliteration, translation, and audio are provided.

Music, Pesach

Fast, fun, song about counting the omer. Lyrics and audio included.

A new arrangement of traditional liturgy welcoming the Sabbath.
Music, Shabbat
Exodus 13:17-17:16

Original setting of 2 verses from the Song at the Sea


A recording of  the Reconstructionist text of the Kiddush prayer for the Passover seder.

Pesach, Music, Ritual and Liturgy

Theme song to the Hashivenu podcast, composed by Chana Rothman

Music, Spirituality
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