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A rabbi holds a "no more harrasment at work" sign on the streets of Philadelphia. It's snowing and people around her are carrying umbrellas. Her hair is dotted with white snowflakes.

Course Spotlight: Rabbis in Social Movements

When Rabbi Alex Weissman applied to rabbinical school in 2011, he estimates that there were just a handful of rabbis working at social-justice organizations. Fast-forward a dozen years and that number now exceeds several dozen — too many for Weissman to name. Why the dramatic shift? Many advocacy organizations now

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Participants in a recent Reconstructionist pilgrimage for Jews of African descent visit the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Ala, which retells American history from chattel slavery to mass incarceration. The museum also honors those who have resisted systematic racism and white supremacy.

Jewish Exponent: Reconstructing Judaism Grows Opportunities for Black and Jewish Community-building

The pilgrimage is part of Reconstructing Judaism’s intention to build community for Black Jews both within the organization and in the greater Jewish community. On Feb. 9, the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History hosted “Deconstructing Racism to Reconstruct Judaism: The Story of a Pilgrimage Down South,” a panel outlining the event’s significance.

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Rachel Robinson, wearing a blue blazer, poses in front of trees outside the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

Helping Reconstructing Judaism Thrive Is Far More Than a Job for the Organization’s Newest Vice President, It’s a Mission

Rachel Swartz Robinson, Reconstructing Judaism’s new vice president for development and philanthropic advisor, knows firsthand the impact that a Reconstructionist approach can have on a family. As it happens, Reconstructionist rabbis were present at two of the most important moments of her life: her wedding and her son’s naming ceremony.

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Rabbi Sandra Lawson and Other Black Jewish Leaders Respond to Kanye West

Kanye is saying some of the worst antisemitic things that are even hard for people who have right-leaning politics to swallow.

None of this is really surprising if you go back through Kanye’s problematic comments, or his relationship with Donald Trump and Candace Owens. It looks to me like he’s having a breakdown. I don’t think it’s just mental illness —

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