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We welcome all into our communities regardless of ability, age, race, sexual orientation, family status or level of knowledge. Because we see ourselves as embodying a spark of the divine (b’tzelem Elohim, cf. Genesis 1:26), we understand that every person has infinite worth; therefore, no human being should be treated merely as an object, and we should always attempt to see the humanity in those we encounter.

Resources on inclusion can be found below. In addition, please see our page of public positions and endorsements.

Resources on Inclusion

My Questions for This Pesach Season

Passover conversations with non-Jews who are part of Jewish communities and families


Coming Out

Reflecting on his own coming out, Rabbi Jacob Staub examines the varieties of tolerance, inclusion, and being considered “normal.” 


The Value of a Different Path

In valuing parenthood, Rabbi Jacob Staub argues, we must not devalue the experiences and wisdom of those who are not parents. 


Seeing the Other

Rabbi Jacob Staub reflects on the difference between welcoming others and seeing through their eyes.