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Fair Trade: First Session

“As we get ready for Channukah, Fair Trade seems like a wonderful way to ‘welcome the stranger.’ And that is not something I would have thought of before participating in this.”

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In our first Fair Trade session, we dove into a discussion about the standards that make up a Fair Trade certification, beginning with the principles that define Fair Trade: respecting cultural identity, cultivating environmental stewardship, and developing transparent relationships, to name a few. As our discussion continued, we looked at the intersection between Jewish texts and Fair Trade values, finally landing on the connection between kashrut and Fair Trade.   


What are the principles that define fair trade? This useful infographic will tell you more.

Read about the intersection between human rights and fair trade in this text study with a discussion guide and questions.

How can you identify true fair trade? This handy chart shows you how! 

This guide offers a comparison between Jewish values and the principles of Fair Trade alongside quotes from Jewish texts.

Check out this visual guide to Fair Trade, simplified. 

“I grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era, and I understand how important it is to support local people and small business and make sure the money gets where it’s going. I’m firmly committed to Fair Trade principles, and believe that they’re a strong part of our Jewish values.”


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