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Rabbis and Rabbinical Students in the Wider Community


RRC students and graduates follow unique paths, using all of their talents, passions and strengths. The warm, egalitarian and intellectually rigorous culture of the College empowers them to build similarly inviting communities wherever they go. You—or someone you know—may benefit from the presence of RRC students and graduates in a wide variety of settings.

Our rabbis:

  • Serve as chaplains. In nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, military settings and prisons, our students and graduates bring comfort to Jews and non-Jews alike.
  • Engage college students. Our campus rabbis help students express their Judaism in authentic new ways and embrace it, even if they face anti-Semitism or find themselves in unfamiliar cultural settings. They have both the Jewish knowledge and the open-mindedness to relate to students from all backgrounds.  RRC students and graduates arerecognized as excellent Hillel directors and campus rabbis. 
  • Teach youth and adults. Many congregational schools, Jewish day schools, adult education programs and departments of Jewish studies benefit from the scholarship and creative teaching abilities of RRC rabbis and students.
  • Lead social service agencies and social change organizations. From Jewish Family and Children’s Services to the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, our people serve the Jewish community and wider society in advocacy, leadership and development positions. They work in immigrant and workers rights, human rights at home and abroad, and peace and social justice organizing.
  • Inspire youth in camping or teen groups. Our students and graduates connect the next generation of Jews to our heritage in many settings, where they form individual relationships to Judaism that can last a lifetime.

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