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Reconstructionist Online Teaching Certificate

This teaching certificate paves the way for you to work in religious schools, Jewish youth groups, junior congregations, and Jewish summer camps


If you’re an 11th or 12th grade student, this program is for you. It aims to train future religious school teachers and leaders for the Reform, Conservative & Reconstructionist movements.


As the oldest pluralistic institution of Jewish higher learning in North America, Gratz College is proud to offer

The Mordecai Kaplan Reconstructionist Teaching Certificate in partnership with Reconstructing Judaism


Visit www.gratz.edu/jolt/pages/online-teaching-certificates for full details

Gratz’s teaching certificate program has been training future religious school teachers and leaders for the Reform, Conservative & Reconstructionist movements for decades, and now the program is online! 


You will:

  • Learn the history of the liberal Jewish movements.
  • Explore the key components of YOUR movement’s educational philosophy
  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Acquire basic teaching skills as a supervised intern in a religious school classroom
  • Become employable in a religious school during college
  • Build a professional portfolio before you graduate from high school



These are the asynchronous courses that you will take on your own schedule and at your own pace:

  • Perspectives on American Judaism (fall semester)
  • Judaism in a Meaningful Nutshell (spring semester)
  • Introduction to Jewish Education (one year) – Please note that this college credit course can only be taken by 11th or 12th graders. 


Concurrent Work or Internship:

You will work in a religious school on a weekly basis for two years. One of those years should be the same year you are taking the Education class.


For full details, visit www.gratz.edu/jolt/pages/online-teaching-certificates 

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