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Reopening Synagogue Buildings Guide

In June 2020, a working group made up of staff at the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements collaborated, with major support from the Secure Community Network, on putting together a “Guide to the Considerations about Re-Opening Synagogue Buildings.” The document offers synagogues some guidance and suggested methodical steps for decision-making and implementation of re-opening plans. It includes repeated disclaimers that it is not encouraging re-opening, or partial re-opening, but rather seeks to offer some useful frameworks, checklists, and templates for how congregations can organize their thoughts, plans, and communications on this important matter.

Because the landscape of news about COVID-19 keeps changing, and because public health circumstances in different geographical areas vary a lot, this document is intended in the spirit of “take what you like and leave the rest.” It is also a work in progress, and there may be additions or updates to it. 

The guide can be downloaded here:

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