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Resources on Community Building

(This list of resources is valuable, but in need of updates. Please feel free to suggest any corrections or additions!)

Alpert, Rebecca and Staub, Jacob Exploring Judaism: A Reconstructionist Approach. Reconstructionist Press, Philadelphia, 2000.

Alpert, Rebecca. Like Bread on a Seder Plate Jewish Lesbians and the Transformation of Tradition. Columbia University Press, New York, 1997.

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Fletcher, Kathleen Brown. The Nine Keys to Successful Volunteer Programs. Rockville, MD: The Taft Group, 1987.

Friedman, Edwin. Friedman’s Fables. Guildford Press.
These 24 mischievous tales illuminate the outrageous, the fantastic, and the paradoxical sides of the human dilemma. Useful for study groups, retreats, and counseling-plus a delight to read. Includes study guide.

Friedman, Edwin. Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue. New York: Guildford Press, 1985.

Goitein, S.D. A Mediterranean Society. 5 Vols. University of California Press, 1983.

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RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities. Highlights of the 1996 Demographic Study of the Reconstructionist Movement. Summer 2001.

RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities & RRA. Homosexuality and Judaism: The Reconstructionist Position. The Reconstructionist Press, 1993.

RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities.. The Challenge of Growth Workbook. Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Cinnie Morgan, JRF, 1998.

RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities.. A Torah of Money Workbook. Rabbis Shawn Zevit and Jonathan Malamy, Anna Rosenfield, JRF, 1999 (The Torah of Money is a service mark of The Shefa Fund, Pa.).

RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities.. A Sacred Trust. Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Yohanna Kinberg, 2000/1.

RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities.. Kehillah Builders. Rabbi Shawn Zevit and Elliot Tepperman, 2001/2.

RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities.. Reconstructionism Today. Larry Bush, Ed., Movement Quarterly Magazine. 

Journal of Ministry Marketing and Management. Volume 1 Numbers 1-2 1995, Hayworth Press.

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Woods, C. Jeff. Congregational Megatrends. Bethesda, Md.: Alban Institute, 1996.

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