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Ritualwell’s “Count on Telling Your Story” Writing Workshops Through the Omer Series

“Count on Telling Your Story: Writing Workshops Through the Omer” showcases Ritualwell’s unique online community and the ways in which we draw upon Jewish wisdom to inspire creativity. 

Clearing your Spiritual Chametz

Mackenzie Wren, a consultant and storyteller, shares a modern ritual about releasing that which no longer serves you. Reflect and explore stories of letting go to find freedom. Mackenzie also leads a ritual that incorporates a candle and a feather to “sweep” away that which blocks our passage to internal freedom and liberation. 

Poetry of the Witness

Poet and scholar Rachel Neve Midbar explores the poetry of witness from survivors of the Shoah, Jews and non-Jews alike—people who not only survived and but also wrote about the intensity of human existence. In this session, we also examine poetry about resilience by queer and disabled writers. Write your own poems, witnessing your stamina to survive the acute moments of our lives and to recognize the art within. 

Uncovering the Magic of Stones and Soil

How do we honor and connect with soil, stones, dust, and even compost, as an authentic Jewish spiritual practice? In this workshop, environmental educator, Kohenet Sarah Chandler, guides us through Jewish texts and modern poetry about the silent beings around us. She also engages us in a methodology for crafting rituals and stories that engage with rocks, soil, sand, and other tactile objects. 

Wielding a Narrative Arc like a Sword

Explore the power and magic of a narrative, its moments of conflict and resolution, colorful characters, setting and point of view with master storyteller Cantor Karen Webber. Create an original story and learn the craft of reading your stories aloud, considering dynamics, vocal inflection and the music of the words. 

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