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Webinar March 4, 2021 Jews, Race, and Religion: Limpieza de Sangre and the “Clash of Civilizations”; Or, What Hath the Soul to Do with Racialized Bodies?

National Refugee Shabbat March 5-6 A project of Hias, co-sponsored by Reconstructing Judaism

Chesapeake Virtual Annual Celebration March 7, 2021

Refuah Shleimah: A Healing Ritual Marking a Year of Pandemic, March 11, 2021

Webinar March 18, 2021 Jews, Race, and Religion: Race, Class and Privilege: How Latino Jews navigate life in the United States

Webinar March 25, 2021 Jews, Race, and Religion: “We are the Ethiopian Hebrews, Brothers to the Fair White Jew”: Race, Religion, and Jewish Identity in Harlem

Webinar April 8, 2021 Jews, Race, and Religion: “Funny - You Don’t Look Jewish!”

Webinar April 15, 2021 Jews, Race, and Religion: From Minneapolis, Minnesota to the Streets of Jerusalem: The Diaspora Within. Mizrahi Jews, Race, Belonging, Dislocation and Identity

Webinar April 22, 2021 Jews, Race, and Religion: Purity Politics and the Problem of Jewish Solidarity

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Online Open House April 22, 2021

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Online Open House, May 20, 2021

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Online Open House, June 17, 2021

Movement-Wide Convention “B’yachad: Reconstructing Judaism Together,” March 23-27, 2022

Podcast Judaism, Resilience, and Racial Justice – Beginning the Conversation

Podcast Human Composting: Good for the Environment, But Is It Kosher?

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