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Ingredients of Prayer: Writing Contemporary Liturgy (1 of 4) Nov. 2, 2021
Join acclaimed liturgist Alden Solovy on a spiritual journey to deepen your core understanding of prayer and to expand your writing skills for creating new Jewish liturgy.

Poetics of Silence Nov. 8, 2021
Silence can be a profoundly spiritual, transformative, poetic experience. But how does one speak or write about silence – if language is precisely that which gets in the way? We’ll explore the ways we can experience, describe and share our silences.

RENA Conference 2021/5782 Nov. 9-11, 2021
The Reconstructionist Educators of North America,(RENA) Conference 2021/5782 is a 3-day online event for educators committed to the values and vision of Reconstructionist education.

Reading & Writing Poetry as Sacred Jewish Text (1 of 6) Nov. 15, 2021
The goal of this Immersion is to create a community of like-minded readers and writers who will together explore a variety of approaches to spiritual writing by modern and post-modern poets.

Movement-Wide Convention B’yachad: Reconstructing Judaism Together, March 23 – 27, 2022
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Hashivenu Podcast - Jewish Teachings on Resilience 
S4 Ep 4: In the Same Place, As the Same Person: How people and communities think about diversity and identity - Sep. 10, 2021 
A Hebrew Bible scholar and nonprofit leader, Amanda Mbuvi, Ph.D. is the new vice president for academic affairs at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. She the first Jew of Color to hold such a leadership position at an American rabbinical seminary. 

Evolve Podcast - Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations
Episode 24: Liberation from Opioids: One Rabbi’s Journey - Oct. 12, 2021
Rabbi Michael Perice recently made a startling revelation to his congregation: For four years, he’d been addicted to opioids. Now, celebrating 10 years of liberation, Perice decided it was time to share his story with his community and the wider world.



Recon Connect is the hub for live online experiences from across the Reconstructionist movement. Here, you can access the community, innovation and intellectual depth that epitomizes Reconstructionist Judaism. Bookmark it and check back daily - it’s updated often with new events in which you can participate.

Virtual Shabbat Box This Shabbat Box doesn’t contain challah or candles, but rather essays, meditations and other ways for you to engage with Shabbat. Bookmark it and check back every Thursday - it’s each week in time for Shabbat.