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Affiliation and Dues

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What makes our movement

Dues Form for FY 2017-2018

Aviv Loan

Dear Affiliate,

First, thank you for your leadership at your congregation. We know it takes a lot to make a congregation thrive – volunteers, rabbis, staff, and, yes, money too. The same is true for the movement we share. Thanks to your dues, here’s some of what we do for and with you:

We help you network to discuss issues, share ideas, and find support, both in person and online. For example, this past year, members of over 40 of our affiliated communities have participated in our Reconstructionist Learning Networks, and we’ve created a new podcast series, Spirit in Practice, that offers resources for activists from across faith traditions. We also share and amplify the great resources that you create.

We create opportunities that no single congregation can offer on its own. In 2018 we’ll be opening our second Reconstructionist camp—our first on the West Coast. Join us in Philadelphia November 15-18, 2018, when we’ll hold our first convention since 2010. And our preferred partnership with IsraelExperts enabled our first-ever Reconstructionist Birthright trip, creates discounts for all Reconstructionist congregations planning Israel trips, and will soon let us offer movement trips to Israel. 

We consistently advocate in the public square for the core values of Reconstructionist Judaism and progressive religion. We are honored to represent you in broad coalitions that include the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, the Jewish Religious Equality Coalition, and the Jewish Federation of North America. And we train and educate some of the best-prepared, compassionate and creative rabbis anywhere.

We accomplish this with a small, hardworking staff devoted to advancing your community and our combined impact in the world.

As Reconstructionists, we are independent, warm, inclusive, and scrappy, and we’re committed to a dynamic Judaism that makes the world a better place. That distinctive combination of elements is our collective signature. Your dues help make it possible.

We ask you now to invest in the Reconstructionist movement so that we can continue to offer our essential perspective. We’ve recently streamlined our dues system, as you will see on the attached form. After consultation with the Plenum, we’ve kept the three-tier system of choice, but we are asking our congregations to strive toward affiliating with us at the Invest level.  This contribution of 2% of your operating budget is a modest ask in terms of the Jewish landscape (see, for example, dues of 4% in the Reform movement), though we recognize that for some of you it represents an increase over your most recent dues. To encourage the growth of the movement, generous donors have committed to a challenge grant that will match every dollar that you increase your dues over last year. We need to raise a total of $25,000 more this year than last year from congregational dues in order to successfully unlock the challenge grant. We hope that your congregation will help us to reach this goal and to continue our important work.

Thank you again for all that you do, and for considering our request. Let’s continue to build and model compassionate, caring Jewish communities together.


Rabbi Deborah Waxman
David Roberts
Chair, Board of Governors

2017-2018 Affiliation Package

PDF icon Affiliation Dues Form 2017-2018

PDF icon Benefits of Belonging 2017-2018

PDF icon Aviv Loan Letter 2017-2018

PDF icon Affiliate Support Contact Sheet 2017-2018


You can download last year’s materials here as well:

 PDF icon Affiliation Benefits Package 2016-2017 

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