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“When putting up a sukkah, we experience the simple joy that comes with building something we know will not last forever —just as when we build a sandcastle,” writes Rabbi Eliott Tepperman in The Guide to Jewish Practice. The festival of sukkot grounds us in the impermanence of so many things. It reminds us of the 40 years our ancestors spent in the wilderness and, through the tactile lulav and etrog, reconnects us to the natural world. Perhaps, more than anything, the festival is about joy: of being in one another’s company and taking part in this long spiritual journey together. 

On this page, you can connect with engaging resources from our network of websites. We’ve gathered them for you to help deepen your Sukkot experience. We hope it enhances the festival that, as Rabbi Nina Mandel writes, “requires us to step back in time not only to recall historical experiences, but also to reenact the essence of them.” 

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