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Jewish Teachings on Resilience

On Shabbat Sukkot, 5783, Rabbi Deborah Waxman, president and CEO of Reconstructing Judaism, spoke at Philadelphia’s Mishkan Shalom. Waxman focused on how Jewish practices and rituals cultivate resilience within individuals and communities — sustaining the Jewish people through the centuries and millennia. Since 2016, Waxman has talked and written extensively on this topic, as well as hosted the podcast Hashivenu: Jewish Teachings on Resilience. In this talk, she highlighted an episode featuring Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg titled “Love Received, Love Extended”.

A few notes: Around the 17-minute mark, Waxman invites audience participation. The audio from audience members is difficult to hear, though Waxman distills comments into the microphone. The talk ends at 31 minutes, followed by a moving Torah service.

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