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Wrestling With...

Rabbi Steven Nathan shares a creative interpretation of Jacob's night-long wrestling encounter on the eve of confronting his brother Esau.

Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
Seedling sprouting through crack in the stone
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Hashivenu: A Podcast on Resilience

What drives us toward justice? In a conversation with Rabbi Alex Weissman, we discuss how deeply-felt experiences of gratitude and blessing can move us toward empathetic action.

More on Parashat Vayishlakh

Wrestling With...

Rabbi Steven Nathan writes a creative interpretation of Jacob’s night-long wrestling encounter with a mysterious being on the banks of the Jabbok.

D'var Torah

Connecting the Dots

Jacob and Esau, estranged for years, reach reconciliation in Parashat Vayishlakh. But as Ellen Dannin notes, Jacob’s fearful nature renders this healing tragically incomplete.

D'var Torah

My Brother's Keeper

Sibling relationships are fraught throughout the book of Genesis. Rabbi Lewis Eron explores the conflict between Jacob and Esau. 

D'var Torah

Parsing the Meeting of Jacob and Esau

Text study and discussion questions on the reunion of Jacob and Esau after decades of separation