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Torah and Beyond

Bekhukotay: Walking the Freedom Walk

What does it mean to "walk in God's ways"? Rabbi Toba Spitzer explores the opening line of this Torah portion in an insightful text study.

Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
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Hashivenu: A Podcast on Resilience

In this wide-ranging conversation with Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg, we discuss spiritual experience, spiritually-rooted justice, and the transformative practice of spiritual direction.


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More on Behar & Bekhukotay

Walking the Freedom Walk

A civil-rights era song proclaimed, “No easy walk to freedom.” In this text study based on Parashat Behukotay, we examine what it means to “walk upright.”



Parashat Behar is primarily concerned with rules and regulations pertaining to the land of Israel: the sabbatical years when the last was to lie fallow, and the Jubilee year when land reverted to its original owners. Although these laws may seem to be millennia out of date, they provide important teachings that remain keenly relevant.

D'var Torah

Blessings and Curses

This Torah portion contains a stark litany of curses and blessings as consequences for human actions. Rabbi Lewis Eron explores our tradition’s approach to reward and punishment, and its rejection of simplistic answers.

D'var Torah