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Evolve Podcast

The new Evolve podcast features interviews with thought-provoking rabbis, leaders and creators about the urgent issues faced by Jewish people today.

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Hashivenu: A Podcast on Resilience

We speak with Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann about placing joy and connection at the center of vibrant Jewish community, even (or especially) one deeply committed to social justice and activism.

Terumah: Blueprint for a Full Jewish Life

"Seeing is believing," the old saying goes. But Rabbi Jeffrey Schein points out that for spiritual growth, doing is far more powerful.

Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll

More on Parashat Terumah

Blueprint for a Full Jewish Life

In Parashat Terumah, we find a key component of a full Jewish life: the holiness that’s found in everyday living.

D'var Torah

Wherever We Let God In

In a famous Hasidic saying, the Kotzer Rebbe was once asked: “Where does God dwell?” Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben gives an unexpected answer. 

D'var Torah

Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?

How we use money determines its value and measures our character, and to use it correctly, we need wisdom. 

D'var Torah