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Ki Tisa: Trying to Limit the Divine

This week's Torah portion tells the story of the Golden Calf and its aftermath. But why was the Israelites' action problematic? Rabbi Lewis Eron suggests an unexpected reason.

Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
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Hashivenu Episode: Judaism, Resilience and Racial Justice

We dig deeply into the complexities of engaging in racial justice work within the Jewish community, together with our new co-host: Rabbi Sandra Lawson, director of racial diversity, equity, and inclusion for Reconstructing Judaism.


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Evolve Podcast

The new Evolve podcast features interviews with thought-provoking rabbis, leaders and creators about the urgent issues faced by Jewish people today.

More on Parashat Ki Tisa

Trying to Limit the Divine

What was the sin of the Golden Calf? Rabbi Lewis Eron suggests that it's not simply the worship of another god.

D'var Torah

Why Be Good?

Examining Moses' lifelong struggles to lead the Israelites, Ellen Dannin explores his inner motivations. Why be good if not motivated by a reward? 

D'var Torah

The Torah as Puzzle: Rearranging the Parts

Rabbi Jeffrey Schein digs into the story of the Golden Calf, finding illumination as much in the details as in the story's broad arcs. 

D'var Torah

Broken Tablets

A study sheet on the two sets of tablets in the Sinai/Golden Calf story.