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Parashat Lekh-Lekha: Desperate Immigrants - an Ancient Jewish Story

In this parashah, our ancestors Avraham and Sarah struggle to survive in a hostile nation. Rabbi Maurice Harris urges us to heed this history and recognize the plight of immigrants as our own.

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Torah scroll being held
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Hashivenu Episode: Writing Ourselves into the Book of Life

We speak with Rabbi Margot Stein about the practices that sustained her while navigating profound loss, and explore how Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur invite us, again and again, to choose life.


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Evolve Podcast

The new Evolve podcast features interviews with thought-provoking rabbis, leaders and creators about the urgent issues faced by Jewish people today.

More on Parashat Lekh-Lekha

Go to Yourself: Abraham and the Spiritual Journey

This week’s Torah portion begins with God’s dramatic call to Abram to go on a life journey that will change him forever. But this potential transformation comes with a price: to pursue this quest Abram and his wife Sarai must leave behind their home, the habitual, and head into the unknown.

D'var Torah

Be a Blessing

Avram and Sarai model a sense of trust in the face of uncertainty. How can we find that sense in our own lives?

D'var Torah

Avraham, Happiness, and God's Open Hand

Our lives are filled with both blessings and hardships. Ellen Dannin suggests Avraham’s approach as a model for making sense of this tension.

D'var Torah

Desperate Immigrants: An Ancient Jewish Story

Abraham and Sarah’s desperate journey to Egypt as refugees reminds us that remembering the heart of the stranger is at the core of Jewish experience.


Hagar: The Immigrant Worker

This provocative Rosh Hashanah sermon draws parallels between Hagar, Sarah’s mistreated servant, and today’s immigrant workers.


Lekh Lekha and the Promised Land: Text Study

This text study, prepared by Rabbi Nina Mandel, contains pairs of passages examining biblical and contemporary notions of what “Promised Land” means, and how it has been interpreted by Jewish thinkers over the millennia.


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