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Relationship-Based Engagement

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Listserv thread discussing synagogue membership requirements for religious school enrollment

A brief listing of ways to welcome new members to a congregation

Rabbi Harris's article focuses on the benefits that non-Jews, mostly with Jewish partners, bring to the community. Harris leads us away from the "framework of cost" to open up the conversation on intermarriage.

Lesser describes the evolution of an LGBT synagogue and dissects the meaning of inclusive community.

Networks and COPs are fast becoming a strategy employed across the Jewish community to connect and engage people in meaningful ways. Leaders overseeing these strategies are generally guided by best practice, yet still have questions. 

A recounting of the philosophy and practices of Jewish outreach in Denver/Boulder.

Cyd Weissman reports back from the leading edge of Jewish innovation.

Our Network for Network Builders discussion, led by Cyd Weissman, welcomed us into a world of thinkers and leaders guided by a "culture of generosity." By taking time to share success stories, open up challenging discussions, and provide mentorship, we learned about building a network of trust among colleagues near and far.

In our second Network for Network Builders session, we discussed the values that drive our work and identified strategies for weaving our values into building networks.

Is grit the key to success for social entrepreneurs? Ariana Katz suggests that the answer lies elsewhere. 

We train rabbis to be social entrepreneurs: applying a business-like discipline to creating solutions to social justice, cultural and environmental issues.

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