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Classroom Management and Lesson Planning

This manual provides practical suggestions and tools for lesson planning and classroom management. It includes excellent resources for bringing a “multiple intelligences ” awareness into classrooms. Developed for use in the Sh’lom Kitah Program of the Board of Jewish Education of Greater Washington in 2002-03. Contents include:

  • I  Introductions

  • II  Meyerson’s List of False Assumptions*

    • Transitional difficulties

    • Content

    • Relationships

  • III  Transitional Difficulties

    • Deal with them directly at the beginning of the year

    • Parents

    • Students

    • Put them in a context

    • When are they serious?

  • IV  Content – Know Your Material & Plan

    • Annual planning*

    • Learning styles & multiple intelligences*

    • Weekly lesson plans*

    • Classroom schedules*

    • Transitions

    • Assessment

  • V  Relationships

    • Classroom rules

    • Modeling behavior*

    • Policies in writing for parents*

    • Student/Teacher assessments prior to report cards*

  • VI  Conclusion: Helpful Resources*

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