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Heart of the Stranger

Illustration of Exodus 23:9

Exodus 23:9 is one of many iterations in the Torah reminding us of our duty to advocate for and protect the stranger. This is one of a series of illuminations regarding social justice quotes from TaNaKh.

A print of this piece is available at the Ritualwell Store: https://ritualwell.org/catalog/heart-stranger

Rabbi Me’irah Illinsky is a 2007 graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. As an artist and rabbi, Me’irah brings depth and beauty to her Judaica paintings.  She embarked on serious study of her Jewish heritage as an adult, enabling her to bring a mature perspective to the sacred canon. Her mission is to provide what she calls “Visual Access to Sacred Texts” by means of engaging illuminations which have the power to enhance spiritual life and Jewish connection.  You can see more of her artwork at http://www.versesilluminated.com/

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