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Network for Network Builders: First Session

In our world where our culture is being shaken, I so appreciate the notion of a culture of generosity.

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In the first session of Network for Network Builders, Cyd Weissman, Assistant Vice President of Innovation and Impact, welcomed us into a “culture of generosity” in which mentorship, making time for “virtual coffees,” and celebrating success are integral parts in building a network of trust. With assistance from Suri Jacknis, Director of the Education Networks at the Jewish Education Project, we learned about characteristics of healthy networks, how to identify success indicators, and how to measure success. 


Connecting to Change the World (2014) by Peter Plastrick, Madeleine Taylor, and John Cleveland

Designed for social entrepreneurs, community-minded leaders, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropists, this book offers insight into developing collaborative solutions for a variety of challenges. 

Give and Take (2013) by Adam M. Grant

This bestseller discusses the connection between success and personal interactions.


This survey, sent out at the end of the 2016-17 Learning Networks, is a useful guide to gathering feedback and input. 


This worksheet summarizes strategies and prompting questions for engaging groups online

This powerpoint from our first session covers network-building basics, from developing online communities to co-construction.

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