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How to Lead The Morning (Shacharit) Service

What do we need to consider when planning a morning service?

Facilitated by Rabbi Margot Stein, Liturgical Specialist at RRC

For current and future lay leaders

Wednesdays, 2pm-3pm EST — April 11, April 25, May 9

Sundays 9 a.m.-10 a.m. EST – Nov. 1, 8, 15

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Becoming a skilled leader of public prayer, or shaliach tzibur, is an art that can be learned and cultivated. We begin by understanding the structure of the service and its purpose; we consider the creative expressions of other Reconstructionists; and we learn to draw upon our individual and personal strengths to create a communal experience that is enlivening and satisfying. What do you already know, and how can we build from there? For those who wish, we will apply our newfound skills to leading a weekday Shacharit service in person at Reconstructionist Communities National Convention in November 2018.

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“Eden Once Again” by Rabbi Margot Stein (PDF here)

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