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Virtual Shabbat Box Archives: August 2023

August 25-26

In this audio teaching and spiritual practice for the month of Elul, Rabbi Rachel Barenblat looks to Psalm 27 for solace in mourning.

Woman with wavy hair wearing a black and white polka dot dress sits near a lake

An author, rabbi and kibbutznik traces the evolution of her activism and tells of an organization working “to find a way to make amends and to live together in true siblinghood.”

High view of Israeli city

In this essay, Rabbi Xava De Cordova describes what “can happen when the Jewish legal process unfolds with the values and wisdom of trans people at its heart.”

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This prayer urges each of us those who make our meals possible and “to “work for justice and equality in a compassionate and merciful way.”

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August 18-19

In preparation for the High Holidays, Rabbi Michael Strassfeld shares a Hasidic teaching about meaningful teshuvah (repentance).

Listen: Is Real Change Possible?

Rabbi Amy Eilberg considers the California Reparations Report from the perspective of Jewish texts and ethics.

Read: What Does Jewish Wisdom Say About Reparations?

Rabbi Sarah Brammer-Shlays metaphorical poem asks profound questions about the meaning of prayer and the search for Divine presence.

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This short book chapter paints a portrait of Rabbi Yael Ridberg and Congregation Dor Hadash.

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August 11-12

Seeking quiet in the ending weeks of August? Rabbi Shelia Weinberg can help. Listen to her encourage you to find your seat and take a couple of easy breaths. Then, listen slowly.

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Make no mistake; eating disorders can be lifethreatening. Brasha Smith’s poem asks a higher power for the strength to sustain sacred life.

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Amid new evidence that the United States came close to losing its democracy after the 2020 election, we revisit Alden Solovys ode to democratic institutions and principles.

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Imagine if there were a digital yeshivah where Jews of Color could gather to learn Torah and Jewish practices in a safe, supportive atmosphere. It exists. Learn about it.

Podcast cover: The Need for Affinity Spaces for Jews of Color

August 4-5

How can kids best learn what it means to be a Jew? Meet Rabbi Lily Solochek, who is working with others across the movement to ask that very question and identify some answers.

Rabbi Lily Solochek standing outside by a tree

Laynie Solomon explains Svara’s Trans Halakhah Project that seeks to empower and nourish trans Jews, whose experiences have not yet been reflected in explorations of Jewish law.

People sitting around a table piled with open prayer books

This niggun, chanted by Koach Baruch Frazier, invokes compassion, kindness and love.

Koach Baruch Frazier wearing a red head scarf standing outside

Missed the latest Evolve podcast? Following the Israeli Knesset’s passage of a law geared to gut its independent judiciary, two Reconstructionist leaders share their experiences at some of the demonstrations and articulate sustained engagement with Israel.

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