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Virtual Purim Box

Virtual Purim Box illustration of hamenashen

Your Virtual Purim Box holds many ways to celebrate the holiday. Choose what nurtures you. Listen, watch or read. March 23-24.

March 23-24

Rabbi Seth Goldstein’s latest video gets us in the mindset for Purim, carries a poignant message and aims for a few laughs.

Blueberry bagel and grogger on a blue background

Think you know Purim? If you haven’t experienced the festive meal, you’ve missed half the zaniness and insight.

A large group of people in costume celebrating Purim at a table full of food

This stunning artwork and prose poem imagines what Vashti might have said to King Ahasuerus from the beyond the grave, a message with eerie resonance at a time when Jews are imperiled. 

Pencil sketch of a scene from the Purim story

Honor Vashti’s courage while getting this Purim earworm stuck in your head.

A woman dressed as Vashti in a tiara and blue flowing gown

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