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Virtual Shabbat Box Archives: October 2023

October 27-28

Poet Cathy Cohen reads “Mirrors,” offering “shards of light” and reaffirmation against the background of grief and worry.

The sun rising over a mountain silhouetted against the sky

Since Oct. 27, Ritualwell has posted more than 40 poems and prayers expressing a staggering range of human emotions. This is a link to all we’ve posted so far.

Yitzhak Rabin memorial

Especially now, Evolve remains committed to presenting a range of views related to Israel. They’re conversations for the sake of heaven. This link highlights the essays published since Oct. 7 and before.

Close-up of fruits on a tree

With the world aflame, listen to this podcast about embodied spiritual expressions.

Close-up of a woman meditating on a yoga mat

October 20-21

This resource features a video of poets reading their own work and works of others responding to unbearable loss and war. And there’s an accompanying written recap of the virtual program, “Israel on Our Hearts,” which drew some 200 participants.

Screenshot from Poems and Prayers: Israel On Our Hearts live video

May love flow from our broken hearts, and may their yearning return us to our humanity.

Black woman outside with eyes closed looking up

Rabbi Annie Lewis’ powerful elegy for the lost evokes the Hoshanot, the traditional beseeching of God for salvation, uttered during Sukkot.

Silhouette of a person praying outdoors at dawn

The ritual of taking challah invites us to bring a spiritual moment to baking bread. This virtual gathering offered a space to think about everyone in need of blessings.

Two challot on a table

October 13-14

This poem by Brasha Smith grapples with the enormity of loss while making clear that everyone lost represents the loss of an entire world.

A group of lit votive candles

Due to the unprecedented nature of Hamas’ attack, Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association released a statement on Shabbat and the Hag. Though the casualty numbers have tragically skyrocketed in the days since, the urgent message stands.

Israeli flag flying on a rocky outcropping

This urgent prayer asks God to help us “hold on to a vision of profound, enduring kinship” and empower us to “excavate hope and rescue possibility.”

Close-up of two people of different races holding hands

May love flow from our broken hearts, and may their yearning return us to our humanity.

Yellow flower on a stone in a graveyard

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