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Movement Activities

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JRF Israel Task force report from 2004

Israel, Movement Activities

Profile of Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D., at the time of her inauguration as President of RRC

Movement Activities

Rabbi Deborah Waxman shares her vision for the Reconstructionist movement upon the occasion of her inauguration.

Movement Activities

A reflection by Rabbi Deborah Waxman on marriage equality in the US and Israel

Movement Activities, Israel

Our Tikkun Olam Commission developed a set of criteria to guide its social justice recommendations for the movement. Every couple of years, the Commission will advise that the Reconstructionist movement concentrate on a new issue which, on balance, best meets these criteria. Here’s how the wealth gap meets the criteria we’ve set for a movement-wide focus.

The current unequal concentration of wealth in the United States creates political, social and economic consequences throughout North America. Our Tikkun Olam commission's current focus is on this issue. 

The Reconstructionist movement has helped define the vanguard of social justice in the Jewish community, advancing causes from equality for women and the LGBT community, to interfaith dialogue. Given our limited resources, our strategy is to concentrate on a single area of social justice for a few years at a time.

Currently we are partners with the groups described herein. 

Description of Reconstructionist teaching certificate program

Promotional Video for Camp JRF (2016)

Movement Activities

In a piece for eJewishphilanthropy.com, Rabbi Isaac Saposnik and Rabbi Jacob Lieberman liken the maintaining of an inclusive and safe camp environment to a balance beam routine: Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but you get back on the beam and move forward.

Camp JRF, the Reconstructionist summer camp located in northeast Pennsylvania, has announced plans to open a film and arts-based specialty camp in Southern California. The Foundation for Jewish Camp, as part of its Specialty Camps Incubator, is awarding up to $1.4 million over four years to Camp JRF in order to open a Jewish specialty camp in the Los Angeles area.

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Frequently asked questions about the structure, goals, and workings of the Plenum of the Reconstructionist movement

Established through the generosity of anonymous donors to promote fresh, energizing initiatives, the Aviv Revolving Loan Fund supports growth and vitality in the Reconstructionist movement.

The plenum of the Reconstructionist movement is group of representatives from each affiliated congregation and havurah who discuss and share the issues of the day, both internal movement discussions and thoughts on the movement’s relationship to the world. 

This membership form lets congregations and havurot apply for membership in Reconstructing Judaism.

This resolution on the environment was adopted by the Reconstructionist movement in the 1980s.

A participant on the first Reconstructionist Birthright trip reflects on her journey.

Israel, Movement Activities

In an interview, Tresa Grauer shares the latest innovations in the way we support our Reconstructionist communities. 

Movement Activities

On January 29, 2017, Reconstructionist rabbis and thinkers gathered for a day of learning and study on "Moving Forward in Changing Times." The gathering offered a range of Jewish approaches to finding spiritual strength as an activist, how to have difficult conversations with those with opposing viewpoints and how to stay sane and grounded in what feels like an avalanche of political change. 

Jennifer Ferentz recently returned from the first-ever Reconstructionist Birthright trip to Israel. She reflects on her experiences. 

Movement Activities, Israel

A new name is announced for Camp JRF.

Movement Activities

This groundbreaking report examines the transformation of the American religious landscape and the challenges facing existing religious institutions. As "the research and development arm of the Jewish community," the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities are cited as a case study of organizational adaptation to face new challenges. 

Video of first Reconstructionist Birthright trip, December 2016

Archives of email newsletters (Reconstructionism Today, Journeys, and Leadership Brief)

Report on Pacific Northwest Shabbaton in May 2017

Movement Activities

An overview of the new Jewishrecon.org website.

Movement Activities

Our 2017 Ignition Grant recipients are making use of technology to drive their visions for a more connected Jewish world. Whether encouraging teens to be excited about Jewish learning after their b'nai mitzvot or exploring the viability of a home-based shtiebel, our grant recipients are working towards bridging gaps in a variety of Jewish communities.

Movement Activities

Our inaugural Ignition Grant recipients in 2016 blazed trails in Jewish learning and leadership. From podcasts to peer-led programming, Hebrew-Arabic language programs to inclusive Shabbat programs, our recipients allowed their creative visions to build communities near and far.

Movement Activities

Our first session of Reconstructing for Tomorrow, led by Rabbi Deborah Waxman, began the difficult and exciting task of grappling with the history of the Reconstructionist movement and the questions of Jewish peoplehood in the future.

Our Network for Network Builders discussion, led by Cyd Weissman, welcomed us into a world of thinkers and leaders guided by a "culture of generosity." By taking time to share success stories, open up challenging discussions, and provide mentorship, we learned about building a network of trust among colleagues near and far.

In our followup to the 2016-17 Innovators Incubator, our new Rev Your Engines session focused on the development of a close-knit, supportive network of participants facing similar challenges in their start-up endeavors. From teen focused programming to a havurot for baby boomers, we looked into the support and development resources available to these community leaders.

At Camp Havaya Arts, opening this summer in Redlands, California, campers will be nurtured as they explore for themselves what it means to live a Jewish life through the prism of the arts.

Board chair Seth Rosen lays out his plans for the development of the Reconstructionist movement.

Movement Activities

In our second Network for Network Builders session, we discussed the values that drive our work and identified strategies for weaving our values into building networks.

Reflections on the state of Reconstructionist Judaism as 2018 begins.

Movement Activities

FAQs about our new name

Movement Activities
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