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Hallel | Psalms of Praise

Sing out to God a new Song!

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Halleluyah by Rabbi Alex Weissman
This essay suggests gratitude and celebration as a motivation for social justice and action in our life.


Counting the Quarantine by Rabbi Hillel Skolnik and Rabbi Sharon Barr Skolnik
On the second night of Passover, we share the tradition of counting 50 days from the Exodus until Sinai, from Pesakh until Shavuot. The counting, according to the rabbis, reflects Israel’s anticipation of the giving of the Torah on
Shavuot. “Counting the Quarantine” is an adapted ritual, reflecting our anticipation of being physically reunited with those we love. “Count up,” say the Rabbis Skolnik, “toward the ultimate in-person regathering in our many communities.”


“Selections from Hallel” sung by Shabbat Unplugged for A Night of Questions
We are commanded to sing songs of praise during our sacred holidays. Even if you don’t feel joyful at this moment, singing together is a way to lift your spirits.

Yevarech Et Beyt Yisrael/Min Hametzar by Reconstructing Judaism


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