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Virtual Shabbat Box Archives: February 2024

February 2-3

Karen Webber, a poet and performance artist, enacts and, at times, sings, two linked poems, “No Cakewalk” and L’chaim” that mine the emotional depths, describing horror with pinpoint detail and, somehow, bringing us back to the light with a jubilant wedding celebration.

screenshot of Karen Webber, a poet and performance artist

Rabbi Asher Sofman, Reconstructing Judaism’s inaugural justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) program coordinator, created this trove of resources in Jewish disability and accessibility inclusion from Reconstructionist communities and the larger Jewish world.

Black man signing in American Sign Language with a little white boy in a living room

Rabbi Roni Handler chants the Ve’ahavta, while Rabbi Darby Leigh expresses one of Judaism’s central prayers in American Sign Language.

Rabbi Roni Handler and Rabbi Darby Leigh

From our archives: Rabbi Elliot Kukla describes how the disability justice movement honors the “the unique ways we move through the world, and rejects racist, conformist notions of normalcy in how we ought to look, behave and produce. 

Child and adult hands holding a purple ribbon against a purple background

February 9-10

This new blessing celebrates the diversity of minds, bodies and abilities present in human beings.

symbols of people holding hands in front of horizon

During Ritualwell’s weekly virtual “Holding Each Other” gatherings, author Evonne Marzouk reads her poem, “Things I Need to Hear Right Now After Nine Days in Jerusalem.”

photo of author Evonne Marzouk

Rabbi Sandra Lawson’s new blessing offers thanks for the “strength, resilience and contributions of my people, Black people throughout history and today.

family sitting at park

Black History Month is the perfect time to consult our groundbreaking curriculum on the intersection of Judaism and race.

diverse group of young people

February 16-17

Learn how Reconstructionist community sustained Rabbi Asher Sofman and about the values that animate Reconstructing Judaism’s new Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) program coordinator.

Screenshot of Rabbi Asher Sofman

Accordion in hand, Rabbi Solomon Hoffman talks about the relationship between waiting and hoping and offers an original take on Psalm 130.

Screenshot of Rabbi Solomon Hoffman

Prompted by a comment by a presidential contender, Rabbi Sandra Lawson articulates her profound connection to the side of American history encompassing the Atlantic Slave Trade, Jim Crow and the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Reconstructing Judiasm rabbis of various races together in Selma, Alabama

This berakhah celebrates the autistic mind as something “wonderful and unique in the world.”

Person with their arms open in a field silhouetted against a yellow sky

February 23-24

Poet Tzivia Gover recites “The Word is Wind” and offers a writing prompt guaranteed to spark creativity.  

Screenshot of video of Poet Tzivia Gover

Israeli Peace activist Haviva Ner-David shares a moving meditation on death and life during wartime.

Cemetery plot with Hebrew writing on the headstone

The blessing celebrates how a bimah ramp can eradicate a physical barrier to connecting more deeply with Torah and Jewish community.

Interior of a synagogue sanctuary with a red carpet and dark wooden seats

Humans have agency over our lives, right? Not according to Mike Shore, who argues that abandoning the notion of free will leads to a more liberated, meaningful life.

Woman with her eyes closed and her arms out smiling in the middle of a field

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