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Virtual Shabbat Box Archives: May 2023

May 26-27

Rabbi Janine Jankovitz writes of the spiritual journey to Mount Sinai and how each of us is prepared to receive the Torah anew, just the way we are.

A woman with blonde hair looking at a mountain range at sunrise

Follow along with this step-by-step guide on baking a cake as rich in symbolism as it is in flavor.

Milk and Honey roll cake being cut unto slices

Rabbi Elyssa Cherney writes that revelation is ongoing and that “engaging with the truth may not always be the easiest path, yet there is much reward in working towards a better world.

Two young women reading the Torah, a young man sits in the background

It’s revelatory to hear the blessings for reading the Torah and haftarah recited in feminine God language.

An open Torah scroll with a yad, or pointer

May 19-20

Sivan Rotholz’s poem for Shavuot imagines a different kind of harvest, one where “we reap and reap but know not what or whether we sow.”

A woman in a red patterned dress walks through a wheat field while the sun shines

Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz gathers a range of texts to spark discussion and evoke the experience of receiving the Torah at Sinai.

The sun shining through clouds over green mountains

Revisit this Shavuot podcast in which Rabbi Deborah Waxman and Rabbi Mira Wasserman discuss the power of midrash, an imaginative act that can give new life to the Torah and ourselves.

The word Midrash over a background of small green leaves growing out of a tree trunk

May 12-13

Rabbi Deborah Waxman writes in the journal SAPIR of American Jewry’s increasingly complex relationship to Israel and the dangers of ethno-nationalism.

A child with dark curly hair standing on a lawn holds an Israeli flag

Read about how a new grant will help RRC faculty merge spiritual practice with social action.

Illustration of 6 young women of various ethnicities representing: love, peace, unity, sovereignty, restoration, equity, and accountability

With Shavuot just around the corner, chant or just take in Kaila Shabat’s prayer honoring a personal encounter with a physical Torah and all it represents.

A Torah scroll open on a wooden desk

The Philadelphia Jewish Exponent details the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College’s project on Jews and race.

Members of Reconstructing Judaism, including Rabbi Sandra Lawson (left), at Reckoning Together: A Reconstructionist Pilgrimage for Racial Justice

Our interview with Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann has set an Evolve podcast record for the most downloads in the first week of release. If you haven’t listened, hear why many have said that it is helping them through a difficult time.

Podcast title slide: A Cry for Help: Breaking the Stigma on Mental Illness

May 5-6

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann shares a personal story about her son to make a larger point: There’s an ongoing stigma around mental illness. As long as the stigma pervades, peoples lives are at risk.

Podcast cover image: A Cry for Help: Breaking the Stigma on Mental Illness

Devor Spier’s prayer/poem for the counting of the Omer decries racist and antisemitic violence.

A person in a white shirt standing against a blue sky with long brown hair covering their face

Writer and artist Barb Richman examines the idea of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks as metaphors to guide thinking about the Divine presence.

Overhead view of different rock samples on a blue background: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks

As Chat Box and other forms of AI develop at alarming speed, a legal scholar turns to Jewish thought to think about how policymakers can best respond.

A graphic of electrical communication signals connecting around the globe, signifying AI

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