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Barekh | Blessing after the meal  

We are grateful for so much blessing.

dirty plate with cutlery


Eli, Eli Song by Elana Bell
Elana Bell sings the words of Holocaust youth fighter and poet Hannah Senesh. The images and sounds of nature remind of us our blessings.


Opening the Door for Elijah and Hope by Rabbi Linda Holtzman
Rabbi Linda Holtzman offers a short text study on the meaning of hope and the ritual of opening the door for the prophet ELijah.


Grace After Meals Meditation from Ritualwell
A brief expression of gratitude and awareness of our fortune for the food we eat.


Miriam Ha-N’viah by Rabbi Leila Gal Berner
These are Hebrew song lyrics and English transliteration in praise of Miriam the Prophetess. The melody is the same as the traditional Ashkenazic melody for Eliyahu Hanavi.  To listen to the song, click here.


§ Curated and written by Rabbi Elyse Wechterman and Rabbi Maurice Harris. Sourced by Rabbi Michael Fessler, Tresa Grauer, Ph.D., Alison Houghton, Rabbi Maurice Harris, Jackie Land, Rabbi Alan LaPayover, Rabbi Vivie Mayer, Rabbi Isaac Saposnik, Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Rabbi Micah Geurin Weiss, Cyd Weissman. Graphic by Rosa Cohen. Web development by Rabbi Michael Fessler.

* Music courtesy of Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein, Rabbi Myriam Klotz, Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael, Juliet Spitzer, Rabbi Margot Stein and Rabbi Shawn Zevit. More of their music and the music of their bands, Shabbat Unplugged and Miraj, is available on SpotifyiTunes and CD Baby. Songs copyright ©Shabbat Unplugged and the Reconstructionist Press.

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