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Nirtzah | Fourth Cup and Conclusion  

Next Year in Jerusalem: Next year in health and well-being across the globe!

Four cups of wine next to matzah


“Dodi Li” as performed by Shabbat Unplugged for A Night of Questions *
From Song of Songs, this celebrates love, springtime and the sweetness of life, and is a lovely way to end the seder.

Dodi Li by Reconstructing Judaism


Elijah Comes Tonight by Rabbi David E. S. Stein
A sweet revision of the folk melody to welcome Elijah as a harbinger of better times to come.


“Leshanah Haba’ah!” as performed by Shabbat Unplugged for A Night of Questions *
We end the seder on a note of hope: Next year in Jerusalem! Next year in freedom, health and well-being for all!

Leshanah Haba’ah by Reconstructing Judaism


Getting Ready for Elijah by Jodi Rosenfeld
Elijah the Prophet is a wily spy who once a year visits our earthly home to scope out the joint and drink his cup of wine. His job? To check us out and see if humanity is ready for the coming of the Messiah.


Israel & Us: Creating a New Narrative by Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Drawing from her involvement with groups ranging from T’ruah to the New Jewish Agenda, Rabbi Toba Spitzer explains the power of two disparate narratives in describing, understanding and working to find commonality within the American Jewish discourse on Israel and Palestine.


Oseh Shalom: for Ukraine by Steve Pollack
A prayer for peace and for the recognition of our intertwined stories.



§ Curated and written by Rabbi Elyse Wechterman and Rabbi Maurice Harris. Sourced by Rabbi Michael Fessler, Tresa Grauer, Ph.D., Alison Houghton, Rabbi Maurice Harris, Jackie Land, Rabbi Alan LaPayover, Rabbi Vivie Mayer, Rabbi Isaac Saposnik, Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Rabbi Micah Geurin Weiss, Cyd Weissman. Graphic by Rosa Cohen. Web development by Rabbi Michael Fessler.

* Music courtesy of Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein, Rabbi Myriam Klotz, Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael, Juliet Spitzer, Rabbi Margot Stein and Rabbi Shawn Zevit. More of their music and the music of their bands, Shabbat Unplugged and Miraj, is available on SpotifyiTunes and CD Baby. Songs copyright ©Shabbat Unplugged and the Reconstructionist Press.

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