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Virtual Shabbat Box

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Your Virtual Shabbat Box holds many ways to celebrate the day. Choose what nurtures you: listen, watch or read.

May 17-18

Wrapping up nearly a decade as CEO of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, Rabbi Elyse Wechterman chats with Rabbi Deborah Waxman, president & CEO of Reconstructing Judaism, about leadership, managing one’s inbox, the pace of change in Jewish life and the evolving role of rabbi. 

A smartphone screen showing Hashivenu in the media player. The phone is surrounded by leaves and flowers.

LilyFish Gomberg’s guide to counting the Omer focuses on personal growth, reflection and a deeper connection with the world, augmented with selected lyrics by the one and only Taylor Swift.

A photo of Taylor Swift altered so she is wearing a dress made of wheat and is against a background image of wheat.

Interested in stepping away from your screen? Want to gather in person to learn, connect, create new rituals and works of writing or art? Learn about this exciting opportunity in advance of Shavu’ot.

Close-up of wheat in a field against a blue sky

Confused? Looking to untangle where antisemitism and anti-Zionism diverge and overlap? Dive into this thoughtful, engaging and sometimes proactive discussion with Rabbi Tova Spitzer and Rabbi David Teutsch, Ph.D. 

Three rabbis on video screens: Rabbi Jacob Staub, Rabbi Toba Spitzer, Rabbi David Teutsch

May 10-11

Created primarily for educators, these program ideas and reading lists offer myriad ways to explore many perspectives on Israeli Memorial Day and Independence Day in the shadow of war.

Cover of Yom Ha’atzma’ut resource book against a backdrop of an aerial view of forest and sky

Geared At a time when social media is essentially another front in the Israel-Hamas War, Naomi Barnesky’s prayer calls for compassion for self and others in the face of “destruction and closed-mindedness.”

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Rabbi Yael Levy’s guide through the Omer will take you on a healing journey.

Aerial view of a sand dune and sand structure in a desert

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This video highlights SAJs Mental Health and Resiliency Task Force and how it demonstrates a Reconstructionist approach to Judaism.

A multicultural group of adults sitting in a circle and talking

May 3-4

Rabbi Phillip Lazowski, who survived the Holocaust as a child, shares about the experiences that have shaped his vision and sense of purpose.

Star of David next to two candles

In this powerful poem, Anne R.Z. Schulman, a member of Ritualwell’s ADVOT community of writers, paints a picture of her experiences as a child of survivors.

Lit red and white candles on railroad tracks with person silhouetted in foggy background

Ariel Neshama Lee offers a guided meditation that can be used to reflect on the resiliency of our people through difficult times.

Cloudy, starry sky with thin crescent moon

Rabbi David Katz shares a prayer to help us remember and to be gentle with our souls.

Cropped view of wood, steel, and barbed wire

April 26-27

As we seek rest from the bustle of sederim and the tumult of our times, find comfort in Rabbi Shawn Zevit’s original song calling for a day or even an hour to Let me cool and recover.”

Person with their arms open against a sunny yellow sky

Rabbi Janet Madden offers a way to express grief and loss at Yizkor with the basic elements of fire, water, salt and stone.

Small stones in a bowl, one stone is inscribed with the word Remember

This meditation, created by Ariel Neshama Lee, invites you to embark on a journey of reflection and introspection by focusing on emanations of God described by the Kabbalists as sefirot.

Kabbalistic drawing in a notebook

Rabbi Nathan Kamesar reveals what it is like to be a pulpit rabbi and spiritual leader during wartime. Later, Rabbi Maurice Harris discusses all things Moses.

Cover of the book "Moses: A Stranger Among Us" against a desert backdrop

April 19-20

Rabbi Deborah Waxman delves into the nature of freedom, teaching that Passover brings our freedom to life by enacting our highest values and our deepest commitments.

Rabbi Deborah Waxman in front of a bookshelf

Rabbi Malka Binah Klein’s chant sets the tone for searching for hard-to-find hametz, both physical and metaphysical.

Hands holding lit candle

Imagining ourselves into this story involves us in an ever unfolding creating process, write Rabbis Mychal Copeland and Margie Jacobs.

Seder plate with matzah and tulips

The voices of Jews of Color have largely been missing from the pages of Passover Haggadot. These supplements offer the beginnings of a corrective.

Jews of Color Haggadot supplements

April 12-13

The voices of Jews of Color have largely been missing from the pages of Passover Haggadot. These supplements offer the beginnings of a corrective.

A multicultural group of women talking and laughing indoors against an exposed brick wall

Rabbi Joshua Boettiger, a poet and Mussar teacher, explores how retelling the Passover story illuminates the nature of suffering and has the potential to cultivate empathy.

Seder table with matzah, prayer books, table settings, and a vase of tulips

Rabbi Isaac Saposnik shares poetic wisdom for your seder table about what one can say to our children—and to the adults at a seder held in this confounding year 5784.

Read: What Should we Tell the Children?

The Virtual Passover Box is a trove of digital resources designed to help you experience, and retell, the central story of the Jewish age. These resources enhance all 15 parts of your seder.

A seder plate and four cups of red wine in gold wine glasses, next to a pitcher of red wine

April 5-6

The mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam isn’t given much character development in Exodus. Here, Rabbi Sonja K. Pilzs stirring poem imagines Yocheved’s voice in its full power and complexity.

A woman with long brown hair and a green and red striped dress walking against a yellow sky with her back turned

With Passover approaching, it’s the perfect time for this blessing for the simple joy of bread. Leavened bread.

A person's hand reaching for a loaf of challah and a cup of honey

During the weekly Ritualwell “Holding Each Other” gathering, Rabbi Shawn Zevitt strums his acoustic guitar, performing an ancient prayer for healing.

A close-up of a person's hand strumming an acoustic guitar

Rabbi Rebecca Lillian analyzes the state of antisemitism in Sweden and Denmark, offering both sobering and hopeful observations.

Aerial view of a neighborhood in Stockholm, Sweden

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